So, like I said before, the Shield was surprisingly interactive with the crowd. Roman’s pretty good with semi-comedy, too. He tried to counter a “Yes!” chant with a couple of big “No!” yells and it was pretty funny. Any time Seth or Roman was in the ring, Dean and the other member would be trash talking people in the audience. ESPECIALLY Roman. You can tell he seems to be having a lot of fun when he’s insulting audience members.

Oh, and Dean Ambrose got into an “altercation” with a small child. In that middle photo, one of the many, many kids who was wearing Cena shirts very enthusiastically and vigorously started a “Yes!” chant. Dean Ambrose happened to be near by and countered the kid with a “No!” the kid stood on the railing, shook his fist at Ambrose and countered back a louder, “YES!” This resulted in a “YES!” vs. “NO!” screaming match between an eight year-old child and a twenty-seven year-old man. It ended when Ambrose yelled, “AHHH! FORGET YOU!” and stormed off, so I’m assuming the kid won that one. It was stupidly adorable and I was surprised that Ambrose was so interactive with fans— especially the kids.

After the match, Kane and Daniel came down to the floor and shook hands and took a few photos. Really, they were the only superstars to do so with the exception of Cena.

Also, they seem to be as sweet and as perfect in person as they are on TV.

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